Welcome to Ilialex Research Lab.
Here you can find useful information, articles and code related with embedded systems (and not only that!). Many engineers like me have been involved with a diverse range of projects in the past, but many times the beauty of our work remain well hidden from the public eyes. Other times the difficulty of the problems guide us to new methods and tools to attack the problem; and we call this experience. Looking in the past and seeing that many of the things i have done, could be used by others, i decided to publish part of this work. I hope that others will contribute over these or will contribute their own work, that could help others. That's the idea of open source!

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There are three main sections:

Here you can find embedded systems and software for instrumentation and information on the open source AVR OS AVRILOS. You can also find some useful utilities and examples of my designs from 1994 until 2011.

Here you can find published articles.

You can find Prototype boards developed or being developed.

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