EPROM Emulator
Task Analyzer, LA1690
Speech Recognition with DSP56001
Pythagoras DSP Amiga Board
Εργαλεία FPGA
Εργαλεία CAD
Εργαλεία Παλμογράφου


AVRILOS (2010): Embedded Systems Simple Operating System for AVR
Contents: Links (See articles in the Articles section)

EPROM Emulator (1997): FPGA based EPROM Emulator
Contents: Description, Pictures, Schematics (PDF), Binaries & Example Files

Task Analyzer (2005/2012): Task Analyzer for LA1690 Agilent's Logic Analyzer series
Contents: Description, Pictures, Binaries & Example Files

Speech Recognition with DSP56001 (1996): Final Graduation Essay in TEI of Peireus
Description and implementation of a speech recognition algorithm running in a Motorola DSP
Contents: Description, Document in PDF Format (Greek Only)

Pythagoras, a DSP Board for the Amiga 3000 (1994): A DSP Zorro III bus board for Audio
Schematics of the Pythagoras Level 2 board. Simulation Timings of the FPGA responsible for Autoconfig (tm) and control of the board. DSP used: TMS320C30.
Contents: Description, Documents in PDF Format and Multipage TIFF

FPGA Tools (2011): Tools used for FPGA development.
Currently the first tool released is the converter from FPGA/CPLD bitstream files to C table code for embedded systems.
The C look up table is used by a microcontroller to download or program FPGA/CPLD thus eliminating external flash memories or programmers.
Soon other tools will be released as well.

CAD Tools (2014): Productivity Tools for CAD.
MDBMerger: Command line tool to Merge two MDB databases; This format is used in Altium Database and SVN Libraries
SVNWrapper: A Mercurial (Hg) wrapper tool emulates SVN responses from Hg (Mercurial) for Altium Database and SVN Libraries

DSO Capture and Decode Tool (2017): Productivity Tools for Debugging.
My Python script Windows executable (to download from here). Captures DSO data and decodes serial busses (TWI, SPI, RS232)
There is also a link to the source Python scripts in BitBucket.

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