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This is an Embedded Systems Round-Robin OS made orignally for the AVR family.
I use this system as a baseline for all my embedded systems projects. It allows rapid application development as the hardware configuration of basic things like SysTick & Uart is very easy. It requires WinAVR (GCC) and programming tools for your target.

In V1.20 i have updated the FPGA Support Code and i have included a demo 8 channel R/C Servo Controller. AVRILOS Code in now available only at sourceforge: AVRILOS on SourceForge

In V1.23 I have made a bug fix and some enhancements to the SysTick module. Example application is a safe Pump controller. Please note that V1.23 is not the latest version.
Please see the news section for any updates and bug fixes AVRILOS News

The revision control used (the prefered method to get AVRILOS sources) is Mercurial (Hg).
Install TortoiseHG or your Mercurial client you prefer.
Then in an empty project directory open a command prompt and do the following:

hg init
hg pull http://avrilos.hg.sourceforge.net:8000/hgroot/avrilos/avrilos
hg update

Example Screen Shot:
Example Hg Pull

The default branch is the pure OS, while the rest of the branches have the corresponding application. Use the "hg update branchname" command to change the working files to the corresponding branch. Keep in mind the pure OS will have the full changes and bug fixes.

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