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CAD Tools


Command line tool to Merge two MDB databases; This format is used in Altium Database and SVN Libraries

Example usage: MDBMerger.exe -s db/Server.mdb -l db/Local.mdb -F -m db/OutLib.mdb

Purpose: To update a master library file (in MDB format) from your local changes. Note that the library files should have the same table columns.

It can merge any MDB file, but its purpose was for Altium Designer Libraries.


SVNWrapper emulates SVN responses from Hg (Mercurial) for Altium Database and SVN Libraries

Instead of specifying a normal svn client in the preferences, you specify the path to svnwrapper. Mercurial should be on path.

It works for SVN libraries (a.k.a. you will have Mercurial controlled libraries) but somehow the project revision control fails.

If this is sufficient for you you may use it.

   Please see the documentation for both tools from the downloads link.

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