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FPGA Tools

FPGA Tools

FPGA Convert to C

Converter of Intel Hex file or Binary files like XSVF (binary CPLD JTAG format) To C table code.

This will enable to include CPLD flash program data or SRAM FPGA configuration files to be downloaded from your microcontroller.

Slight modification of the C initial statements may be needed after file generation. Currently FILL value is locked to 0xFF for Intel HEX file pad areas.

More on this tool and FPGA/CPLD development for embedded systems you can find here

The steps for using this program are:

   Items Required
   1. This Tool.
   2. Bitstream in intel HEX format or XSVF file.
   3. A microcontroller which will program the output C file to your programmable logic.

   1. Generate from your HEX/XSVF files the C Look Up Table Code to download.
   2. Add the .C/.H files to your project.
   3. Use the above data for device downloading/programming. You may use code from AVRILOS (FPGA slave configuration) or from Xilinx (CPLD XSVF JTAG programming).

   Finished! (hopefully)

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