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Amiga ZorroIII Board with the TI TMS320C31 DSP Processor
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This board was a project to build a Zorro III Amiga bus board with DSP floating point capabilities.

The idea was to have a coprocessor in the system that will share its ultra fast memory (25ns Access time, static RAM), to the main processor of the Amiga 3000. Also the board would have the famous AD1848 Serial CODEC chip for audio I/O.

First a ZorroIII autoconfiguration only board was build to prove the autoconfig concept. This board utilized a Xilinx XC3020 FPGA with the basic electronics to autoconfig. It worked.

The simulation shown in the extra files was for the full level 2 Pythagoras board where the memory of the board was shared between the DSP and the CPU (MC68030). Unfortunetly the manufacturing of 2-layer boards at that time was very expensive and no board was built.

Pythagoras DSP Board for the Amiga3000 Extras

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