Baracuda 134 DevBoard
Perseus DevBoard

Αναπτυξιακό Σύστημα Baracuda 134

Baracuda 134 Development Platform
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The Baracuda 134 is the latest development board used from IRL for new projects as a platform.

This board is obsolete

The board consists of an AVR microcontroller (40-pin, DIP), ISP interface, power supply from 12V input, TTL serial interface, and up to 2 Xilinx Spartan devices. Xilinx code resides in the AVR microcontroller. The FPGAs may have either same code (if programmed in parallel) or may have different codes (if programmed in serial).

The board is a two-layer board with many I/O available from the FPGAs. New circuits may be added afterwards on one of its connectors. The FPGAs drive 3 34-pin connectors each, and all the microcontroller I/Os are available on connectors also.

The software running these boards is based on AVRILOS, a round robin non-preemtive flag driven system with very light ISR handling. Code written in ANSI C (compiled with GCC).

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