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Perseus Development Platform

Perseus Development Platform


Perseus is the second generation development board used from IRL for new projects as a platform.

The board consists amongst others :

  • a ColdFire microcontroller,
  • a Xilinx Spartan6 LX9 device,
  • SDRAM connected to the FPGA,
  • wide power supply from 10-36V input,
  • USB virtual COM serial interface,
  • USB Native Connection
  • UART TTL interfaces
  • Ethernet Interface
  • BDM interface,
The FPGA is connected to the microcontroller through the Mini-FlexBus interface. Thus the MCU is linked with a high speed link to the FPGA allowing a series of capabilities for development and debugging.

FPGA configuration code is read through the SD Card. So the user can copy the configuration file to the MicroSD card and then the system will load this file to the FPGA on Boot.

The board is a two-layer board with many I/O available from the FPGAs. New circuits may be added afterwards on one of its connectors. The MCU and FPGAs drive 3xUEXT/2xUEXT and a general I/O connector, and all the microcontroller I/Os are available on connectors also.

The software running these boards uses COFILOS. COFILOS uses FunkOS as an RTOS, but creates significant additions and improvements some of them related with the tightly coupled FPGA.

Software development uses the Test-Driven Development (TDD) methodology for host development and Eclipse CW for target tests.

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